Can I order online?

No. Add items you are interested in to the enquiry basket. Send to us and we will get back to you with your price and delivery time.

I do not have a credit account with you, can I still order?

Yes. You can pay by cash, bacs, credit / debit card or Paypal.

Do you only sell forklift parts that are in the catalogue or on the website?

No, We sell ANY PART for ANY MAKE or ANY MODEL of forklift truck.

I do not know the part number. Can you still help me?

Yes, Most of our enquiries are from customers who do not have the part numbers. Please fill in the enquiry form giving full truck make, model and serial number and we will find the part for you.

I have ordered the wrong forklift part. Can I return it for credit?

As long as the part was a stock item, then yes. We will issue you with a goods return sheet that must be sent back with the item. No goods return sheet, no credit. If the part was ordered in especially for you then we will ask our suppliers if they will accept the part back. Usually they will. If the part is non-returnable we usually inform you when you first place the order. Please note however, that any part ordered for a truck built 20 or more years ago is a non returnable part.

You do not react after I e-mail you, what is wrong?

We do get very busy but if you have not received an answer within 24 hours please phone us. Something has gone wrong somewhere our end.